Tactair Supplying Master Brake Cylinders On PC-24 As Aircraft Makes International Show Debut At EBACE

Tactair Fluid Controls has a long history of supplying wheel brake and nose wheel steering components on Pilatus aircraft. We have continued that tradition by supplying our newest master brake cylinders on Switzerland’s first business aircraft, the PC-24. The “Super Versatile Jet” is set to make its first international debut at EBACE 2016.

The PC-24 wheel brake master cylinders contain new features that increase their reliability and robustness over past master cylinder designs. Tactair’s PC-24 master cylinders incorporate an improved piston and gland configuration that is specifically designed to maintain product performance and reliability when subjected to side loading.

Tactair Fluid Controls Inc. is a subsidiary of Young & Franklin Inc. of Liverpool, New York. Tactair designs and manufactures hydraulic and pneumatic controls for fixed and rotary wing aircraft, naval service vehicles and land combat vehicles. Tactair specializes in products for brake, landing gear, nose wheel steering, flight control, engine/nacelle control and utility control systems.