Nose-Wheel Steering

Tactair is a leading designer and manufacturer of ATA Chapter 32 nose wheel steering actuators, valves, and components for over 40 years.  This experience enables Tactair to provide robust, reliable nose wheel steering solutions for a variety of business, regional and military aircraft.

Two different nose wheel steering technologies are offered by Tactair.

Rotary Vane Nose Wheel Steering Systems

Rotary systems are a great choice when the application requires a small envelope and a large degree of rotation.  Rotary systems have limits of rotation approaching 180 degrees.  The actuator is a self contained unit which may incorporate a servo-valve for directional control, an RVDT for position sensing and valving for shimmy damping.  It can also accept input from a separate control valve installed remotely.

Push-Pull Nose Wheel Steering Systems

Push-Pull systems are the choice for larger applications where a large amount of torque is required and envelope is not as limited as a rotary unit.  The system incorporates actuators with LVDT's for position sensing, swivel valves and a servo-manifold for control and shimmy damping.