Landing Gear Control Valve


Tactair Landing Gear/Door Control Valves are based on proven design principles and operate daily on a variety of regional, business and military aircraft.  These solenoid operated, spool and sleeve valves can be designed and sized for any architecture.


Tactair Landing Gear/Door Control valves feature a 4-Way, 3-Position design which has proven reliability and robustness.  One valve can control a landing gear system or multiple valves can be incorporated into a system for separate nose landing gear, main landing gear, and landing gear door control.  All Tactair spool and sleeve valves feature a hardened spool and sleeve assembly which is highly resistant to wear and provides longevity.  Solenoids can be either single or dual coil design and all incorporate reverse-recovery diodes for electrical protection.


  • Business jets
  • Regional jets
  • Military trainers/fighters
  • Military transport