Accumulators and Reservoirs

Hydraulic Accumulators

Stainless Steel

Tactair has designed a new generation of hydraulic accumulators which feature a stainless steel construction and a fully enclosed gas end.  The piston has been re-designed and optimized for low leakage in cold conditions and endurance.  Stainless steel accumulators can be designed in custom sizes and can incorporate charging manifolds with gauges.  All Stainless Steel accumulators are designed to meet or exceed the requirements in ARP4379.

York Style

Tactair manufactures a complete line of piston type hydraulic accumulators, representing seven sizes from 25 to 400 cubic inches.

Air Volume (in³) Max Length Max Width Weight(lbs)
27 23 12 1/2 2 13/16 3.2
54 46 20 3/8 2 13/16 4.3
54 46 12 1/2 3 13/16 6.2
108 92 20 3/8 3 13/16 8.4
216 184 36 1/8 3 13/16 12.5
216 184 20 5 1/2 17.7
416 384 33 3/8 5 1/2 27.6


Self Displacing Accumulators

Tactair Self-Displacing Accumulators are an energy storage device which is charged during normal operation of the hydraulic system.  Once charged, the high pressure hydraulic fluid is trapped within the accumulator until needed, then it is available as a high pressure, high flow rate source of power to start an auxiliary power unit, or to supply high flow demands during normal system operation.  The accumulator is pre-charged with nitrogen gas through the Gas Charge Port, and this gas is the energy storage medium.  The fluid which is used as a power source is then returned to the low pressure section of the accumulator for storage until the accumulator is once again recharged.



Tactair manufactures pressurized (boot-strap) and non-pressurized (vented) hydraulic reservoirs. These reservoirs typically provide a means for fluid level indication and may be incorporated into larger system manifolds.


Tactair pneumatic reservoirs are designed in accordance with MIL-R-8573A from a patented swaged and welded stainless steel construction. Charging pressures up to 3000 psig and maximum intermittent pressure up to 4500psig. Class "B" 250 deg F maximum operating temperature. 

Capacity (in3) Port Size Weight
30 1.3125-12 UNJ-3B 3.2
50 1.3125-12 UNJ-3B 4.3
100 1.3125-12 UNJ-3B 6.2
150 1.3125-12 UNJ-3B 8.4
200 1.3125-12 UNJ-3B 12.5