Nose Wheel Steering Servo-Actuator


Tactair Rotary Vane Nose Wheel Steering actuators are designed and sized for applications on business and military trainer/fighter aircraft.


Tactair Rotary Vane Nose Wheel Steering actuators feature big performance in a small package.  Actuators can be designed with single, or dual, vanes for applications where more steering range is required or more steering torque is required.  Control can be accompolished through mechanical servo-valves or an electrically controlled servo-valve.  Either can be integrated into the actuator or offered as a separate control manifold.  Damping and nose wheel shimmy control is built into each actuator so that an external damper is not required.  Actuators can be mounted either on the strut with a gear train or co-axially with the nose landing gear strut.


  • Business jets
  • Military trainers/fighters
  • Rotorcraft