World Class Engineered Solutions

For over 60 years, Tactair has been a leading designer and manufacturer of fluid power controls for the aerospace industry.  Tactair prides itself on engineering robust solutions and manufacturing our products in house to control both quality and cost.

Tactair engineering and manufactured components are currently flying on regional jets, business jets, commercial and military rotorcraft, military trainers and military transport aircraft.

The core competencies of Tactair are grouped into the following categories:

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Valves

Tactair is an industry leading designer and manufacturer of spool/sleeve or poppet type hydraulic valves for the following applications.

  • Solenoid operated
  • Servo-Valve operated
  • Pressure Flow/Regulating
  • Sequencing
  • Directional Control


Tactair designs and manufactures actuators for stand-alone applications or to be included in a larger system supplied by Tactair.

  • Rotary Electro-hydraulic  and Hydro-Mechanical
    • RVDT Position Sensing
  • Linear Servo-Actuators, Locking Actuators
    • LVDT Position Sensing
  • Landing Gear Extension/Retraction Actuators
  • Push-Pull Nose Wheel Steering Actuators
    • LVDT Position Sensing


Tactair Manifolds incorporate multiple valve elements, electrical components and hydraulic components into one, single, multi-function package.   These packages can include multiple solenoid, servo-valve or manual valve elements, volume compensation, flow restriction, position sensing, filter elements, check valves/relief valves and by-pass circuits. 

  • Directional Control Servo-Manifolds
  • Landing Gear/Door Control Valves
  • Filter Manifolds
  • Reservoir Manifolds

Accumulators and Gas Bottles

Tactair designs and manufactures a variety of piston-type and self-displacing accumulators that are used for emergency hydraulic power and volume compensation applications.