Landing Gear Extension & Retraction

Tactair Fluid Controls is an industry leader in ATA Chapter 32 landing gear controls and actuation.  Over 60 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and qualifying hydraulic components makes Tactair the best choice for landing gear extension/retraction controls.

Additions to the Tactair product offering include landing gear and landing gear door uplocks. Tactair can now provide a complete suite of fluid control valves, actuators, and uplocks to integrate into a landing gear system, including:

  • Landing Gear/Door Control Valves
  • Landing Gear/Door Sequencing Valves
  • Landing Gear/Door Alternate Extension Valves
  • Nose/Main Landing Gear Unlock Actuation
  • Nose/Main Landing Gear Retraction Actuation
  • Nose/Main Landing Gear/Door Uplocks

As with all Tactair products, custom valves and  manifolds can be designed to suit any requirement or system architecture.