Pneumatic Valves

Tactair designs and manufactures a variety of pneumatic valves in bleed air, anti-ice, and environmental control systems.

Hot Air Pressure Regulating Valves

Tactair hot air (1,000°F) pressure regulating valves are available in both poppet and butterfly type designs.  These valves feature solenoid operated isolation valves and pilot pressure actuators. Flow capacities up to 56 lbs/min at 300psi are available.

High Pressure Pneumatic Isolation Solenoid Valves

Tactair high pressure solenoid operated isolation valves are ball poppet type valves, utilizing a direct acting solenoid.

Pneumatic Isolation Flapper Valves

Tactair pneumatic flapper/check valves are available in sizes up to 10 inches. Flutter resistent hinge designs are available.