Nose Landing Gear Retraction Actuator


Tactair's Nose Landing Gear Retraction Actuators are designed to provide retraction and extension forces while maintaining light weight and reliability.  Tactair designs and manufactures retraction actuators for regional jets, business jets as well as smaller aircraft and rotorcraft markets.


Retraction actuators are manufactured from complete hog outs or finish machined from forgings to a one piece body.  High strength and wear resistant materials are utilized for the piston, end gland, and bearings to ensure longevity and reliable service without the need for overhauls or scheduled maintenance.  Additional features can be incorporated, such as snubbing effects in the extend/retract directions and regeneraton circuits to minimize the load on aircraft hydraulic systems.


  • Business jets
  • Regional jets
  • Military trainers/fighters
  • Military transport
  • Rotorcraft