Farnborough 2016 In-Review

Embraer E190-E2
  • Embraer E190-E2
  • Tactair Booth
  • 328 X-Ray Paint Job
  • Embraer Super Tucano
  • AW169

Before the official start of the airshow, Tactair became the first exhibitor from the US Pavilion to sign with Kallman Worldwide for the 2017 Paris Airshow.

Bad weather on day 1 caused organizers to cancel the afternoon’s aviation displays and evacuate the exhibition halls. The electricity in the halls was shut off due to flooding and safety concerns. Fortunately the rest of the week was smooth sailing.

Mitsubishi Aircraft announced an order from Rockton Aviation on Tuesday for 10 MRJ90s, with an option for an additional 10 aircraft. This is the first order for the aircraft from a customer in Europe. Tactair, in support of Sumitomo Precision Products, is responsible for the design, qualification, and manufacture of both the Steering Control System and the Landing Gear Extension and Retraction System for the aircraft.

Along with announcing additional orders for the E-Jets E2 family, Embraer’s first E190-E2 prototype made its international debut at this year’s airshow. The aircraft had made its inaugural flight just 45 days before, months ahead of schedule. The accumulators, control valves, hydraulic check and ground refill valves for the main hydraulic system are supplied by Tactair and were on display at Farnborough.

It is always exciting to see old programs brought back to life, and this year it was the Dornier 228 and 328 being promoted.

RUAG Aviation purchased the type certificate for the Dornier 228. They have been producing the new model since 2009, and announced its introduction into the North American market last week.

Sierra Nevada Corporation purchased the type certificate for the 328, and will be producing the new model under the brand TRJet.

Tactair had been a supplier of landing gear control valves, manual selector valves, and emergency extension valves on the original production of the 228 and 328, and look forward to the prospect of working with RUAG Aviation and Sierra Nevada Corporation on these programs.

Tactair Fluid Controls Inc., a subsidiary of Young & Franklin Inc. of Liverpool, NY, designs and manufactures hydraulic and pneumatic controls for fixed and rotary wing aircraft, naval service vehicles and land combat vehicles. Tactair specializes in products for brake, landing gear, nose wheel steering, flight control, engine/nacelle control and utility control systems.