Tactair featured in the June 18 issue of Aviation Week & Space Technology Magazine

Click below to view the complete article.  Here is an exerpt:

Consolidation in the aerospace and defense supply chain can be big news when it involves publicly traded companies as prominent as United Technologies and Goodrich.

Merger and acquisition activity of smaller, private ly held A&Dsuppliers largely goes unnoticed, although their business strategies are similar to the big names: acquire what you don't have to expand your product offering, nurture trusted partners and team for specific projects.

Expansion is possible through organic growth, but the risks associated with internally funded research and development can be high. Sometimes the best growth comes not from new products but from a service expansion.

Tactair Fluid Controls Inc., a 350-employee. private ly held manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic controls for aircraft and defense applications is a case study in all of the above...