Legacy Support/Acquisitions

Phoenix Controls was a designer and manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic controls for the aerospace and defense industries. Located in Phoenix, AZ, their main product lines included Servo-Actuation components, Pneumatic Valves, and Electronic Controls. Phoenix had a diverse customer base which included Beech Aircraft, Bell Aerospace, General Dynamics, and the Shell Oil Company. Key programs included the B-52 Bomber, F-111, and the CH-46 Sea Knight.

Phoenix Controls has a long history in the aerospace industry. As part of Beckett Aviation in the 1970’s, Phoenix Controls became a division of CSX Beckett Aviation in 1978 with the sale of Beckett Aviation to the CSX Corporation. Subsequently, Phoenix Controls was sold to Aero Services International, Inc. in 1985.

The long history of Phoenix Controls was finalized in 1989 when it was consolidated within Tactair in Liverpool, NY.

Teledyne Hydra-Power was a major participant in the aerospace and defense industries. Located in New Rochelle, NY, they were a designer and manufacturer of hydraulic control valves and actuation systems for a variety of applications.

In the aerospace and defense industries, customers were Grumman, Vought Aircraft, Sikorsky, Boeing, and the US Navy. Their aerospace product lines included Nose Wheel Steering Actuation Systems, Helicopter Flight Controls, Multi-Function Hydraulic Manifolds, and Brake Control Systems.

Hydra-Power was also a key supplier in the oil and gas industries with their Ultra-Line series of hydraulic control valves. These valves were installed on control pods in subsea oil retrieval fields. They incorporated a highly reliable and durable “shear seal” technology which provided zero-leak performance without the usage of soft seals. Customers such as Chevron, Exxon, Shell Oil, and Texaco utilized the Ultra Line valves for many subsea drilling operations, as well as blowout preventer applications to control spillage and the threat of fire.

Hydra-Power’s story was finalized when Tactair acquired Hydra-Power from the Teledyne Corporation in 1992 and they were consolidated within Tactair in Liverpool, NY.

Kaiser Fluid Technologies was a designer and manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic controls for the aerospace and defense industries located in Charlotte, NC. Their product lines included servo-actuation components, solenoid selector/control valves, manual valves, hydraulic valve manifolds and reservoirs, fuel control valves, and bleed air/anti-ice hot air valves. Major customers included Lockheed Martin, Agusta, Boeing, Cessna, Kaman, and Bell Helicopter.

Kaiser possessed components on legendary aerospace programs, such as:

  • Lockheed C-130 - Primary Flight Controls (Elevator, Aileron, Rudder)
  • Bell 206 A/B - Main Rotor Servo-Actuators
  • Bell 206 Long Ranger - Main Rotor Servo-Actuators
  • NASA Space Suit - Water Shutoff Valve

Kaiser Fluid Technologies was the result of a merger between Kaiser Eckel Valve and Ronson Hydraulic Units, encompassing over 100 years combined in the aerospace industry. This legacy continues on within Tactair Fluid Controls.

Tactair acquired select product lines from York Industries in 2005. These product lines included hydraulic accumulators, self-displacing accumulators, fire suppressant valves, and hydraulic hand pumps. The main customers of York Accumulators and components were Parker Aerospace, Eaton Aeropace, Bombardier, Embraer, and the US Government.