Kaiser Fluid Technologies – Joined Tactair in 2002

Kaiser Fluid Technologies was a designer and manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic controls for the aerospace and defense industries located in Charlotte, NC. Their product lines included servo-actuation components, solenoid selector/control valves, manual valves, hydraulic valve manifolds and reservoirs, fuel control valves, and bleed air/anti-ice hot air valves. Major customers included Lockheed Martin, Agusta, Boeing, Cessna, Kaman, and Bell Helicopter.

Kaiser possessed components on legendary aerospace programs, such as:

  • Lockheed C-130 - Primary Flight Controls (Elevator, Aileron, Rudder)
  • Bell 206 A/B - Main Rotor Servo-Actuators
  • Bell 206 Long Ranger - Main Rotor Servo-Actuators
  • NASA Space Suit - Water Shutoff Valve

Kaiser Fluid Technologies was the result of a merger between Kaiser Eckel Valve and Ronson Hydraulic Units, encompassing over 100 years combined in the aerospace industry. This legacy continues on within Tactair Fluid Controls.